10 Top Reasons to Phone a Psychic

10 Top Reasons to Phone a Psychic

10 psychicI am frequently asked why people call me to get psychic readings. Is it curiosity? Is it for some particular reason? Well, over the years I have worked as a psychic, I have learned that people will most likely phone a psychic for a specific reason.

Here are the 10 top reasons prompting people to call me for psychic readings.


10 directionOne of the most common reasons to phone a psychic is a need for direction. Many callers feel lost and don’t know which way to turn or what to do. They call me in the hope to find answers that will help them to find direction and make more informed decisions.


10 loveA great deal of individuals phone a psychic to get love readings. Some want to know whether they will find love and get married, others want to know whether a relationship they are in is right for them and/or will work out.

Relationships Issues

10 relationshipOthers still will phone a psychic because their relationships are rocky or riddled with problems. In many cases, the question these callers ask is ‘Should I stay and work on it or should I get out of this relationship now?’ The last thing most of these callers want is to be in a dead-end relationship that will not last.

Health Concerns

10 healthConcern about their own health or the health of people they love/care for is another very common reason for people to go ahead and phone a psychic. In many cases, getting honest, insightful answers is all these people need to put their minds at rest – or seek the medical assistance they need.

Family Issues

10 familyIn some cases, people phone a psychic to get advice concerning family tensions or arguments/disagreements between family members, for instance. Good at sensing what may be the cause of tension in a family, psychics can usually provide good advice on ways to relieve those tensions and/or find mutually agreeable solutions to disagreements/arguments.


10 bereavementMany of our callers decide to phone a psychic because they have lost a relative or friend and feel the need to get closure; tell their loved ones that they love and miss them or simply make sure that they are in a better place. A psychic reading with a medium can allow them to do this.


10 careerSometimes people will phone a psychic to get advice in career matters. Questions often centre around what career path to follow; whether to take a new job or accept a promotion; why that promotion is failing to come or how to deal with work-related problems.


10moneyWith money being generally tight for most of us, some people phone a psychic to find out whether they may be coming into lots of money any time soon. People can sometimes get unexpected windfalls through inheritances or winning lotteries, for instance.

Financial Advice

10 financialSome decide to phone a psychic when they are about to make an investment or if they hold stocks that don’t appear to be doing well. Throughout history, many famous people have had psychic readings to assist them with financial decisions.

Legal Issues

10 legalSome decisions or transactions could have serious legal consequences. People therefore often phone a psychic to warn them of possible legal ramifications of decisions they are about to make or predict how decisions they will make in the future may turn out.

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